Kylie Dupe!! The Burgundy Palette by Flossy Sunflower

You may have already seen my bronze palette dupe however this one is 100x better and I am so in love!!

On the left is a photo of the real burgundy palette and the right is a photo of mine! So similar! Here’s a photo without flash

I always wanted both the Kylie palettes but was never going to pay full whack for them and was wary about buying off vinted and depop! Until I came across these on AliExpress.

The colours are so pigmented it’s unreal!

My swatches are below and the real swatches are on top!

I got this palette for £5.68 so that is incredible the shimmer shades are amazing!!

This is a look I created with the palette featuring exposed gloss on the lips! Forever waiting for Kylie to bring out a mini gloss set!

Hope you enjoy!!

100 crunches/squats a day challenge

Thought this would be fun to document on here, as then I can see my progress too! 

Yesterday I was in bed, just thinking I wish I had the motivation to do some exercise when I thought I’d do some crunches, I know you need more than crunches to get for but it can’t do any harm right?

I was supposed to start exercising at the start of the year but that didn’t happen but now my mates are talking seriously about going abroad on holiday which would mean being in a  swimming costume or bikini and at the minute I don’t feel comfortable in either! 

The only thing health wise I’ve managed to accomplish this year is changing having 2 rounds of toast in the morning for a bowl of special k. 

I start my new job tomorrow and I want to join the gym as I know I’ll have time after work and at weekends to go! Me and my friends also want to start jogging when we all have a day off at the same time which is very rare  at the minute.

Just as I’m writing this I’m thinking how I can target other areas so I think I’ll try and do 100 squats too or I might try and find one of the challenge pictures online to follow

I found this

3 sets of 15 reps with a 1 minute break.. I’ll give it a go!

I’ll report back weekly with my progress and see how my stomach looks!

(Insert risky before photo 😬😳)

Kylie Bronze Palette Dupe (Flossy Sunflower)

I’ve really wanted all the Kylie palettes as I love the colours! I then discovered these dupes! This cost me £2.85, so even if it wasn’t a dupe for the kyshadow it’s still a very cheap eyeshadow palette! 

As you can see the pans are quite big and the colours are really pigmented!!

My swatches are on the left and real Kylie ones are on the right! The only major difference is that the flossy sunflower one doesn’t have that burnt orange in the middle. I mean I wouldn’t have used that colour anyway as I like browns so I’m happy but it’s worth mentioning. Apart from that the other colours are so similar!

This is the look I created with the palette! I can’t believe how pigmented it is! I have the burgundy palette dupe on order from the same company so that’s very exciting and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Buying these have probably saved me a small fortune 😂 as I think the palettes off Kylie Cosmetics are $42.

PS I got them off AliExpress if you’re interested!

Makeup Revolution Face Base Foundation

I know it’s late but I just wanted to tell you about this foundation! 

I love makeup revolution as it’s so cheap! I’m pretty sure this foundation is £2/3 so an absolute bargain! 

I tend to mix the shades fb03 and fb04 which are pink and yellow tones to make my perfect colour! 

It’s not a high coverage foundation as I think it’s more of a bb cream but that’s what I like because I like my freckles showing through a bit and it’s so buildable as I put more on my cheeks as they are naturally red.

I then set it with the makeup revolution pro fix fixing spray which I think is about £5! It is pricer but look at this!! I left my house at 7:30am and got back at 8pm, I worked from 11-7 at McDonald’s in half term, short staffed, so bearing in mind not only was this worn for more than 12 hours as this photo was taken at 9:30pm and it got put on about 6:45am, 8 of them hours I was rushing round a McDonald’s dining area, running up and down the stairs going inside and out taking the bins out… absolute chaos! 

Look at my face!

It looks fine!! 

I know it’s not perfect but it’s not going to be but for a couple of quid I would definitely recommend!!

I am genuinely so impressed!

Poundland’s Make Up Gallery Matt Lip Colour

I saw this on YouTube and decided I had to try it! When I got mine there was 2 colours, a bright pink and this nude colour.

This is pretty amazing for £1!!

It dries completely matte and is kissproof! And apparently a dupe for nyx matte creams which I am wanting to try very soon! 

It looks drying but doesn’t really feel it!! I am so impressed with this and when they get back in stock I’ll get more of both colours!

Kylie Jenner Fake Royal Peach Palette

So I wasn’t going to order from Kylie Cosmetics because of customs.. so I went to eBay… I bid on a few palettes and decided I wasn’t going to go higher than £25, I was having a mad moment and put my max bid as £35 anyway my winning bid was £34 inc postage so not horrendous I guess. I wasn’t expecting it to be real when I bought it as the real ones were going for over £70 an that’s ridiculous.

As soon as I opened it I knew it was fake which I didn’t have a problem with because I’m not a Kylie collector I just liked the shades. 

The weird thing about this is that the shade names are different which makes me wonder was this pallete made before it was released so they guessed shade names?

Sorbet = citrine

Seashell = North

Peachy = Royal

Royal = Winter

Queen Bee = New York

Duke = Almond

Duchess = Dubai

Sandy = Beach

Mojoto = Peach

North Star = Nutcracker

Crush = Penelope 

Cinnamon = Beach

…. Bizarre

However, fakery aside, the pigmentation of these shadows is insane!! Especially the glitter ones!

My swatches on the left and Kylie’s on the right

I create this look with red tones in the crease and the purple and green shimmer on the lid, then the blue under the eye

So in the end I have no regrets!

I have ordered  dupe palettes for the bronze and burgundy palette, so am looking forward to making posts on them! They cost me £8 for both so it’ll be exciting if they’re good!

The Balm Voyage Palette

I really wanted a palette to travel with as I find it so much easier and I found this on depop for less than £20 so I thought I’d try it out

I started by putting the shade welcome all over the eye then put tervetuloa in the crease as a transition shade. I then blended valkommen into the crease. Then bienvenue went on the inner half of the eye and willkommen when on the outer half. 

I bronzed, highlighted and blushed with the shades croeso, huan ying and kuwakarobisha. 

Look at that glow!!

I then put Bem-Vindo on my lips

I also love the names of the shade names as they all the word welcome in different languages.